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letra de black ops - sleepy hallow


pipe that sh-t up tnt
look, look

me and sheff in the trap so much, don’t care that pack got pushed
in the field like black ops, said he heard mad shots, then he heard a life got took
crack rock, big dope, big guns in the trap house, we ain’t ever care bout books
look, run up, he shook, hope he don’t drop he get cooked
i want a grammy, like 30 of ’em, they don’t gimme that, you hear the 30 drumming
i had a dream bout plenty hunnids, we supply the block and kept the money coming
shorty come in, show mе love or sum, i could die tomorrow, why you acting dumb?
strapped up, can’t dancе, hon, got some stories imma tell my grandson
or my granddaughter, f-ck with gang and that’s a manslaughter
treesh dipping, and she with the gang, how she got here i think her man brought her
couple hittas, and they blood dripping, on my other, hit a n-ggas cuz cripping
been on the block so we fell a victim, screaming “free my brothers in the f-cking systems”

i done seen n-ggas cash out on a b-tch, ain’t do sh-t for their f-cking sister
i just pull up and flash out on a b-tch, take a smoke and a couple pictures
backwoods and the paper on (fronto?) i can’t f-ck with no f-cking swishers
free billy g (?) that’s my bro, ain’t no stressing we ain’t forget ya