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letra de gagging order - sleeping pulse


you’d tape my mouth
my lips you’d nail
my tongue ripped out
to hide your shame

hold tight and breathe, don’t suffocate
you’ll soon have me on your page
sewn up till my own dying day
paid off with my own rightful gain

how did you think i would stand for this?
it all shows a lack of intelligence
is daddy on the ropes with his mind again?
did he tell you in the end i tore strips from him?
or did he keep that from you like your family said
to never look weak in the eyes of them
it’s funny how he tried to play businessman
when he’s just another oaf laying eggs in the brick trade
no you can’t gag me and i’m not afraid
all bets now raise to meet my stakes
hold tight and breathe no you’re not safe
my tongue stays free to taste your stain

all those prayers in the dark, must’ve thought you were saved
get to bury your past, stop the soil being raked
choke reality’s sting from the scorpions tail
no more panic at night as you’re lying awake… lying awake

but listen…
we’re not playthings, and time won’t erase this
you can’t redact it, i’ll keep my faith
your guilty past will keep biting at your heels
no time to sit still, keep running away