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gtfo - slaughter jj


f-ck’s up?
y’all done f-cked up
y’all got me f-cked up
pistol c-cked
50. cal shots
gon’ make the block drop
curb stomp
kiss the curb b-tch
now you the curb’s b-tch
burbs b-tch
hope that hurts b-tch
you weak you her b-tch

walk in this b-tch in my air force ones
b-tches all my friend like i pull out gun
and i’m always f-cking flexing for the gram i won
and they askin who broke b-tch i ain’t that one
imma step right into court in my motherf-cking g
hold straps in the motherf-cking seat
aim it out the window if he wanna f-cking see
but his -ss gonna dip see him running down the street
walked in this b-tch with a pocket full of dope
f-ck that lil b-tch doin f-cking wit my bro
y’all actin like you five when the f-ck y’all gonna grow
on some hoe sh-t
don’t know i know sh-t
you think i’m dumb and sh-t
you done sh-t
yall got me done and sh-t
yall actin dumb as sh-t
some other sh-t