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letra de 3 weeks freestyle - skinny dyane


these n-ggas tryna tell me who the f-ck i am
i play with n-ggas, i don’t need that man
he stalking dd, like my sh-t on the gram
but watch when he meet me, he gone flip that. flip that
tell that boy spend some money (flip that, flip that)
broke ass n-gga, go head (flip that flip that)
all up in the p-ssy can’t get that
nah n-gga you can’t get that, get that

gotta little mileage, guess i’m full thotting
these n-ggas hating hoes, guess we full plotting
saving all these men? that’s neva the option
push that man wig back, only way to get back

ima hit these n-ggas where they bib at
go and get the str-strap
ima play with the tech, he gon play with the cash app
that man doing dirty?
go be the villain b-tch, f-ck hollywood at

that hoe tryna get chose, then we got a problem
she copy n-ggas like kinkos
fedex, when i rob em
no we not linking cus hoe you not thinking
stop hating women
b-tch let that sh-t sink in
pick me wanna be pickney ?
neva trust a fake b-tch she can’t ride with me
don’t trust these n-ggas its a in or out
don’t flip flop now
don’t settle down

b-tch i don’t need clout
b-tch i’m tryna get paid
my grandmama still working from the grave
all the sh-t she done gave
still showing me the way
that’s why she ain’t neva died no slave

(chorus vamped)

never trust these n-ggas
cus you know he gon
flip that flip that

this world is cycle
you gon bounce back bounce back

go and get some money
girl flip that flip that

f-ck all these n-ggas
ima get back get back