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letra de 0 to 100 - skeamz


taking over the game and i ain’t even trying
lame n-ggas say they fly but i don’t see dem flying
weed laced wit syrup shoes sloppy i ain’t tying
n-ggas talkin all dat weight sh-t but i ain’t buying
press you out wit the iron so you thug crying
just a fly lion straight griffin ask my dog brain
pioneer keep my gr-ss in her skirt dat b-tch hawaiian
flow relying track dying, man that’s no denying
keep a stunt double from the gutter like i’m barney rubble
spit game in a huddle pop her -ss like a bubble
p-ssy be a puddle tell her subtle b-tch we ain’t cuddle
don’t need a reb-ttal i’m so high see me through the hubble telescope
i been already dope, my c0ke be hard to cope
eat bunch of honeys oats, keep all these tricks to hoax
i coax her just to stroke, deep throat i bet she chokes
dat potent imma toke, i smoke the west coast
i hit the l and ghost, until i comatose
i do the most and boast, no rapper comin close
i’m getting gwop p-ssin in pots, runnin so block, fly wit the crew we the flock
instagraming a lot of dat photoshop you opp, ya pay getting docked
i had to speed it up, then eat it up and throw it up
you hit repeat enough; i heat it up, then blow it up
at least the mic that is, its black n yellow wiz
i show you all the biz, and pop her lil quiz
girl you an easy test, whoa if you squirt less
wouldn’t need a life vest, to dish pipe wit no mess
control alt delete pest, sike think that she’s blessed
till you exed off my list, next time try an actress, who can act right miss
know where her head’s at with an atlas, with the fat hips
don’t you laugh b-tch, broke my mattress
-ss imma catch it, if you p-ss it, mike wallace
goin in what you call this, flowin flawless for so long its evolving
we all know your brod’s f-ckin problem and solved it
drop jewels on you n-ggas safety deposit
i’m dangerous take saftey and pause it
know how long it took me to write this song its
no way i won’t be c-cky but modest
know-it-all give me brain think she a goddess, you is wrong b-tch
real recognize real dough, never met so
shoutout drizzy it’s ovo drop the xo
show you all respect bro, say bravo
to toronto, never went though
heard its mad cold, wit bimbos out the -ssh0l-
who hot like tabasco, cool down hoe
waterfall of the cashflow, p-ss me the hydro
your girl doin cardio cause she off blow
keep it 100 wit you 0’s, rob for dinero
like robert de niro in the godfather sequel
wax her -ss like a vehicle
add your girlfriend and see what it equals
i got more bars then dc
pen dropped more ink then is on weezy
your girl can’t roll car’s trippin off e
tag me a g, like you was shoppin for versace
need i say more, yes till i’m paid for
or got 3 pairs of concords and on tour
listeners stay tuned for what’s in store
record sh-t down to earth cause the worlds yours
the beat got real deep dats where i shine
video my zig-zag dats a grape-vine
the rhyme done like the bottle so don’t wine
i grind till i’m just the greatest of all time