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letra de houstan double header - sir fradulent


verse 1:

can’t touch me
ill sue your ass

pregnate a b-tch
and do the dash

call me tay k
go free his ass
got your b-tch smelling like
clap that ass

clap your b-tch ass on a wednesday
and still do the same sh-t the next day

and go rob a fellar on a thursday
put my tree in your girl its earthday


verse 2:

where your sister where your mom at
hit that bald n-gga in da face wit a bat
pushed a emo b-tch that had face tats
i still get your b-tch even though im fat

and yea i do run from the opps
last opp was michael
he lied to the cops
said i was black
and punched him in the face
like tay k i had to do thе race

verse 3:
green bеans
that ain’t for me
sippin tons of lean
man really had to pee
kicked him in the face
he bit me on the knees
man i did the race
i was hidin in the trees
beat switch

you thought it was over its not
you thought it was over its not
he ran from the cops

i hit a l!ck with a b-tch
same b-tch got down l!cking my c-ck

need a big lock for the crib
rando b-tches gettin in
that sh-t needs to stop

helpin all my boys
cause if i didn’t
in jail they would jus rot

they would jus rot

they would jus rot

homie hoppin shi i can not fathom
beat a n-gga up into some atoms
eve done ate my apple i am adam
took your b-tch she is now my madam