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letra de gone wrong love tune - simon joyner


his intellect was soft
not yet broken
like an overripe fruit
about to bust open
if he blew out his brains into the street
even the sewers would be sticky with possibilities
his parents said “you’re wasting your life away”

she said “i think we should blow up the moon
then it would be summer all year long”
but she was talking to herself
because n0body listened
she wondered what it would be like
to have no friends
like that guy who sat staring from the corner all alone
his best friend said
“just pretend you’re talking to me”
a typical supernova
he was blinded by his own energy
no for him it was monumental
as he slumped to her table
words sprung from his mouth
in sling-shot slurred syllables
she didn’t understand but she agreed

and their conversation s flowered
like a bomb in the mail
they were trying to outdo each other
it was easy to tell
when he said “i’m a super hero
i’ve got superpowers
i’m double-jointed at the waist
so i can bend over backwards
i’d bend over backwards for you”

but she was scared
she said “no no
you’re just too qualified
to fall in love with you
would be nothing less or more than suicide”
but she was thinking of his poor posture
as she cracked a sad smile
while he was soaking his sheets
with his thumb in his mouth
saying “if i never move again it’ll be too soon”
so six months later
after full recovery
she found him at a bar
where the popcorn is so salty you drink
she said “i’ve missed you so much
have you got a stethoscope?
listen to my heart
it’s at the end of its rope”
but she was too late
he was heading for the door
saying “sticks and stones et cetera
good luck i hope you feel better”