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letra de skit 5 (made man) - silkk the shocker of vyshonn miller


yesterday, i’d like to welcome a few souljas (welcome)
to that bad boys world (bad boys world)
a world where we’ve been preachers (huh, man)
harassed (harassed) and even incarcerated for making it (freaking fbi)
and chasing the finer things (freaking government)
even though we legit, (you freaking c-ckroaches)
angels billionaires (billionaires man)
society stay tryin’ to cage us in (open the little bin man)
but yesterday, (but yestеrday) yesterday i say freak thе world (freak the world)
as we made it, silkk the shocker (silkk the shocker)
c-murder (c-murder, bossailine)
and master p, made men (the first don)