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letra de samhain, under the blue moon - sigra


(verse 1)
i used to be a believer
when i grew up i grew wary
you brought me back to the altar
samhain, under the blue moon

(verse 2)
maybe your fear’s onto something
i’m with you to boost my ego
i’ll spend the summer barcoding
decoding the feelings at hand

break my heart
i dare you
maybe then i’ll know

(verse 3)
you wring me till i’m bone
just to find my edges
storm systems forming above us
on a course to collision

(verse 4)
you push
i pull away
always leave them wanting more
that’s how i was raised
but you got a taste
and stripped my bones barе
i wear them threadbarе and thin
skeletal grin
(verse 5)
we both insist we’re fine
but we’re curling at the corners
two bits of paper in a campfire
taking its last breath

(verse 6)
we’re singed
we’re sure to suffer
but might not go up in flames
might not go up in flames

(verse 7)
you don’t define me
i don’t define you
your kindness is sticky and humid
filling my lungs with perfume

(verse 8)
it’s not something i’ve ever sought out
it’s not something i would soon discard
i will carve gills if you’ll dance with me
under this samhain moon