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letra de #12 - shy12


hope i didn’t mess up everything
staring at you, n0body else in the room
said hard to take my eyes off of you
i kept my held high
i know i tried my best
i love the way you gave me a hug in the middle of the hallway
i know i told everything will be okay
12 on your jersey
things been blurry
but i hope they clear up
i hope to be the one with you in 30 years
i know that’s a long time away
but maybe in 2 years, we could give it a chance
who knows what the outcome would be
i know i ain’t gonna be those guys who walk up and leave
got our goals and dreams ahead of us
you made your path i made my path
i know people say things about me
that hurt me and make me feel awful ’bout myself
but i know you won’t believe most of what people say
12 on your jersey
big smile on your face
glowing p-ssionate look when i look in your eyes
hope the times don’t fly away
god miss you if you leaving here
in geometry next to an empty seat
sorry i lied but i’ll be fine
i’ll come back better than ever
i was there i know i know i’ll be better than usual
i know i suck at expressing myself
but i’ll be there
i’ll just be fine
i’ll stick with my friends
and i’ll stick with you
i know i’m not messing up with you (ohh)
i know things been difficult and i’ll make my way
but if we gotta be friends i’ll be fine
with that please don’t give up on me i know
i’m losing hope
i know this is all on me
i know i’ll be just fine
who knows