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letra de 0 - shorewood


[verse 1]
guitar strum in my ear
vibrations the soul fears
drown the travelling with tears
or only hearing tears
it’s the only way out
but you slowly go south
don’t know what it’s about
then the punch to your mouth
race against the clock, quick
n0body hears a tick
illusions are gone, kicked
there’s your ugly truth, sick
now the only choice is
let the vibration in
let it become you, then
find yourself through losing

[interlude: casey affleck, interstellar]
…hi, dad. i’m sorry it’s been awhile. what with jesse and all…
grandpa died last week. we buried him out in the back, next to mom and jesse
where we’d have buried you, if you’d ever come back
murph was there for the funeral. i don’t see her so much anymore
you’re not listening to this. i know that
all these messages are just out there, drifting in the darkness…
i figured as long as they were willing to send them there was some hope, but…
you’re gone. you’re never coming back. and i’ve known that for a long time
lois says – that’s my wife, dad – she says i have to let you go
so i am
wherever you are, i hope you’re at peace. goodbye
[verse 2]
become the strum
become the wave
just become
then you’ll save
i wish i’d do as well
how i wish
i would myself

now that i showed you
can you please tell me
how to save myself