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letra de 0h sh!t fr33styl3 - shisui


pulled up like, oh sh-t
got a blade you should know this (2x)

stupid n-gga he switched up for fame
pull up on his block i let bullets rain
look at my neck, that’s ice on my chain
we inna party she doin’ cocain
we don’t f-kk with you cuz you on that lame sh-t
we don’t like yo b-tch either cuz she is so basic
she wanna f-kk but i make her wait
i make her h-rny she wet like a lake
like a charger i left him in shock
she is a freak she sucks on my c-ck
and we are some stoners we’re smoking that pot
and my blade meet the n-gga that decides to opp
i got two glocks like bayonetta
i let them both sing they’re singing odetta
she swallowed the cum like it is some pepsi
i’m feeling like jason whip out a machete
we’re lighting him up like it is lite brite
i’m smoking that weed, i’m high like a kite
don’t even argue you know that i’m right
i whip out the blade like it’s a sword fight