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june 21st, 2016 - shelton harris


[verse 1:]
ready or not
we back in the mix
we back in the mix so f-ck with the kid
you should f-ck with the kid
i’ma say it again
you run with my team
i could make you some money
go make a million and split it in half
you make a hundred and that’s if you lucky
know when i’m writing they pay in advance, they pay in advance
they knowin’ it’s dope
know i’ll be coming correct
f-ck you expect
they put their trust in the kid
so i’ma put them on a jet
fly em’ to france
fly em’ to rome
man if i got it, you got it i promise
whippin’ that jetta, it feels like a benz
but me and my friends, we feel like we on it
and that’s how it go when you come from the bottom
i heard they was talking but what could they say?
i took a break, longer than n-gg-s careers
like i got enough on my plate so f-ck out of my way
i know some cats in my city that struggle with making it out
that’s not a problem that i’ve had to face
so know either way i’m holding it down, i’m holding it down

[bridge:] x2
holding it, holding it, holding it, holding it
holding it, holding it, holding it, holding it down

everyone wondering where i been
lord knows that we put in work
went and created a monster
we ’bout to unlock it just wait til the 21st!
til the 21st like

june 21st 2016, wait for it