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letra de u got me so - shayne ward


excuse me girl can i talk to you
maybe get you rname and number too
i don’t mean to be blunt but baby
i know that i’ve got the thing you need
say what you want and i can make sure
you get it on the count of three
we can move slow or we can move fast
to get to it right away
you must’ve known with a body like that
i’d go insane

you got me so
so hooked on
every little thing you do
has got me so
so turned on
let me take a look at you
without a doubt
i’m higher now
girl i’m higher now
every little thing about you has got me so

girl you got me so got me hooked on you
and i’m so turned on by the things you do
it’s ok to be shy but don’t you deny that i got
that thing you need
i’ll say what i want and you can make sure
i get it on the count of three
a pretty face on a body like that
don’t come along every day
maybe i’m over confident but
you’ll say me name

say my name


i can tell i’m good for you
i can tell you see it too
when you wanna leave tonight
should we go to yours or mine

[chorus x2]

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