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ghetto fairy tails - shawnna


[whisperin: x4]
these are my ghetto fairytales…

these are my ghetto fairytales
sit back and just listen to what i’m spittin’ cause i’m cold
i’m straight reminiscing on all my n-gg-s dead and gone
see when i was young i was just so dumb and didn’t know
how quickly the reaper would come and creap up for your soul
i play with them n-gg-s that like to live it by the chase
they told me whatever you do just keep your body safe
pitbull in the front and my german shepard by the gates
blowing booze and [?] to keep my body out of sp-ce
and i heard bout my n-gg- they send up to their face
and they sayin’ it’s probable when the feds investigate
gotta do what i gotta do while they take my n-gg- away
promised you my protection i gotta make a n-gg- pay
bustin’ in the direction of any mothaf-cka fake
i burn a n-gg- to [?] presidents up in this place

now they tell me i’m too ghetto for this sh-t
i feel like i’m the only rebel in this sh-t

[x2:] these are my ghetto fairytales

these are the tales, my ghetto tales
these are the tales, that i tell so well
northside, eastside, westside, southside

[many times:] these are my ghetto fairytales…

[some dude speaking, couldn’t find out everything he said]



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