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letra de 3rd eleven - shafogrin


chorus: michael jackson
all of a sudden you say you don’t want me no more
all of a sudden you say that i closed the door
it don’t matter to me
it don’t matter to me what you say
it don’t matter to me
it don’t matter to me what you say

verse 1; shafogrin
baby love me ah sorry for the bridges that i burnt
never called, wouldn’t text had you thinking you the fault
many tension and i lost it now we bye gone that be gone
hope you finally got the one that is placing you above
3rd eleven was the was the night d-mn i had you on my phone
said you wasn’t feeling sh-t but i hеard em on your tone
knew i liеd and you cried how you smilin’ with the tune?
how you smilin’ with that tune?

bridge: michael jackson
girl, your love, you think you broke it
i’m leavin’ you today, you broke my heart

verse 2; shafogrin
made some promises that i couldn’t get along with
you think i wasted your time sita i’m sorry
i was rushing many things you won’t hurry
but i promise everything that i felt is real
i kept f-ckin’ up the ties took you feelings for a joke
girl you made me feel alright while you standing on a toe
broke some promise and i lied many times you gotta know
i was something else a man “for the money not the ho”
and i wasted all our time while you kept on growing up
n-gga never had the time but you kept on holding up
baby it took me a while now me growing up
a girl sleeping on a mat and me folding up