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letra de ain't no way - sgawd


[intro: sgawd]
yeah, yeah
you know what the f-ck goin’ on
it’s seddy season

[verse 1: sgawd]
lie, lie, breeze
winston, freeze
p-ssy, squeeze
cheddar cheese
rich n-gga f-ckin’ on me
i got him suckin’ on me
he said he wanted a freak
i got him l!ckin’ my feet

[chorus: sgawd]
b-tch, ain’t no way
n-gga, ain’t no way, what?
b-tch, ain’t no way
n-gga, ain’t no way, yeah
b-tch, ain’t no way
n-gga, not today
n-gga, not today
chopper finna spray

[verse 2: sgawd]
you suckin’ them broke n-ggas, they ain’t finna pay
keep talkin’ that mad sh-t, just stay in your lane
if i don’t get my way then i might just complain
n-ggas f-ckin’ on the gawdess ’cause he fienin’ for fame
he on baby mama three, then he a f-ckin’ lame, dub
h-lla n-ggas on my ig like they entertained
i can nеver be a side b-tch, rathеr be the main
if you ain’t spend his money, sis’, you know that’s gotta change
tell that n-gga run a couple racks or you’ll delete his name
tell him eat that p-ssy from the back while you tug on his mane
disrespectful ’cause my p-ssy fat, now put that on my name
while you hatin’ from the f-ckin’ back, i’m changin’ up the game
[chorus: sgawd]
b-tch, ain’t no way
n-gga, ain’t no way
b-tch, ain’t no way
i ain’t finna stay
n-ggas be shootin’ the club up
will you slide for gang that you love?
when they ask me, i ain’t got nothing to stay, hush
b-tch, ain’t no way
n-gga, ain’t no way (what the f-ck?)
b-tch, ain’t no way
n-gga, ain’t no way
b-tch, ain’t no way
chopper finna spray
choppers finna spray
n-gga, not today

[verse 3: princess mami]
ain’t no way (what?)
choppers finna spray
if your n-gga lookin’ at me, he comin’ my way
ride the d so good, now he be callin’ on my name
couldn’t leave me alone ’cause my kitty got cocaine
i don’t do beef with no basic-ass b-tch (never, never)
if she talkin’ on my name, then she a snitch (ho)
hoes too miserable, they need to get a f-ckin’ fix (ho, b-tch)
cookie taste like crack, that’s why he runnin’ up my sh-t (money)
made him get me gucci, yeah (money)
made him cop me louis, yeah
bought me some baguettes, icy like my little coochie, yeah
my flow so sick, they be like, oh, it’s gettin’ cold in here (brr)
playin’ tag with my jeweller, i be lookin’ like a chandelier