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letra de 36,000 feet underwater in the western pacific - ‌sewerperson


i’m locked inside my head
unconsciously conscious
wait for [?]
after all, we do it for the screen time, woah
walk into the plug, i’m on a [?], woah
2 am, mcdonald’s, uber eats, woah
3 am, i never get my me time, woah
she just pulled my sheets beneath a [?], woah
i just [?] my brain removing landmines, wow
[?] my waves connecting to my family through the phone
ex-ex-expect the unexpected, i might never leave my home
expect the added tension when i step inside-

30, 30 and 6, see the perc [?]
this murky water can’t fix me, i’m sipping don by the [?]
[?] but i’m sweaty
my skeleton’s ripped for the [?]
“i’m a [?] for the devil”, i said praying, before i sleep