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letra de retribution - seventh gate


barren fields for leagues on leagues
defy the dreams of god and man.
blackened earth and withered stone,
dust and ash once flesh and bone,
witness bear, for sins atone.
deliverance or death at hand!
waters subside, evil has died;
seed of destruction was planted far deeper.
wake of the tide, angels nave cried,
d-mned met the blade of the merciless reaper.
creator implores, mankind just ignores.
satan has taken control of the nations.
soul cannot rise, burdened with lies.
enter the grave, no hope of salvation.
confession cries for absolution
but whose the knees that bend,
repenting innocence forsaken,
fealty broken, lifeblood taken?
too late the shattered world awakens:
no light beyond this final end.
thy kingdom come; thy will be done: retribution!
your soul is lost. the reaper laughs.
you scream in pain. cry in vain!