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letra de amusement - sevenr


[intro: rooftop, sevenr, maria kathwell]
ways to get in the mothaf- roof
ooooh, yeah
ways to get in the mothaf- roof

[verse: sevenr]
your ready to get litty off this perky feeling
when you on it, it seems like your outer sp-ce wheeling
your body system is dangerously failing
and your on a carnival ride and your mind is high
scared of falling, relationships got me tight
withdrawing got me blind, in a terrible state of mind
when you see me through the eyes
your mind flashback like a rewind
and your parents ask you why, why you declined
declining me because we had a fight
[bridge: maria kathwell & sevenr]
play (deep)
oh, it feels like we’re moving (it feels like we’rе losing)

[outro: maria kathwell, geneva, sevenr]
we’ll find it
we’ll find it
gotta chill out, oh yеah (oh)
we’re moving, hold nothing
we’re moving (yeah)
high up (oh)
we’re moving (mmmm)
slow motion (oh)