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letra de 3 am freestyle - seaohdeewhy


its 3 am
noone can tell
because my life
is goin through h-ll
oh its 3 am
i can not tell
because there is paper on my wind cilld

[verse 1}
yeah yeah
i have rubber bands
and i put em on my bands
because one dollar bills
where the f-ck is my wallet
oh f-ck i tripped on that
because im so unstable
i got quarters in here
because i can not able to care about your
mental phisibility
because these hеadphones are givin me
all thе bass i need
to figure out
what my phone is
oh god its 3 am
oh god this water bottle
i drink it like any men
amen, oh f-ck that bottle cap
blast all the way to snap back
oh sh-t its 3:01 am
i guess i gotta call her then