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letra de mask off - screampower


that’s another chapter, take a seat, we’re gonna make some hype
turn on a projector, style is classic but my fruit is ripe

[verse 1]
political obscenity, insanity, the other crimes
that’s about the place where i’ve been livin’ my entire life
every single night my grip’s diminishin’
such serious sh-t replenishin’ the flask of pure divinity for hypocrites
affinity to me and my abilities gives somethin’ big, i still insist
on contesting, that counterfeit ain’t even fit
they lied and lived like a pigs in clover
we bite a bit, the doomsday came outta nowhere
19 seconds full of dusk
be aware that i defy any threat, the hardest task is to comprehend outlook on death in misery
“alex, stop involvin’ yourself, constantly figurin’ how to get to the victory”
now why you always hissin’ at me? real life’s not for dissin’ badly
“stop cryin’, call a taxi by an instant cl!ck, you feel dizzy”
i don’t need no assistance, inappropriate instance to be
“my apologies, solo g’s -n-logy”
returnin’ back to my demolished crib
i always keep in mind
that i should grab a first-aid kit
to not being sacrificed
sunlight induces the face to swell and turn red
sunk in sole thought that i might return the madness
well, somebody
once told me
that i should be more opened
i already know it
but i’m fallin’ after every try
if on the earth was the warrior
who taught me to be who really i am
i wouldn’t die in lowliness

[verse 2]
lava flows through expectations, treasure full of information
grands and celebrations that are covering their faces
if they proceed to cut our wages, by the way, it’s not impressive
f-ck them, you should learn what the sp-ce is
take off the neck braces
stop, is that police chasing?
use a gun, increase my cases
drop and run, release your aces
i’m an apostle, you disgrace me
a natural disease effaces
all the composure where my faith is
developing native places
that’s an insertion, the first phase is done
n0body wants to be in the story like mine
had to throw a glance through the prism of undiscovered timeline
cold-blooded presence
what to expect in further sentence
pr-nounced by a weirdo with rheumatism?
imprisoned in his mind throughout years
due to creating the mechanism
which’s not for the rumours but to every single human being in planet
dealin with the mess
even the boom-bap palette
reveals the real talent
unless the flat sequence relents a success all labels demand
my demons seem dim and rebellious
an upper leveled chaos
dementia is gettin’ close
vast anaesthetic dose
blasts a certain remorse
last remark for you, my foreign friend:
pouring plenty of water
doesn’t candying your collar
soaring twenty million dollars being emptied by greedy chins
large fees everlast royal authority
it’s addressed to fat f-ckers that ain’t know what true loyalty is
momma, what’s for supper? is it chicken?
“son, check telegram” (what in that sh-t?)
now we are inspecting kinda humorous short epigram (it’s about some distant regime)
as if it states about the new dress code (but i cannot stand it anymore)
soul is cryin’ out, so i have to take the mask off
i have to take the mask off