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letra de song for yamotha - schwizzle


[verse 1: schwizzle & b-dizzy]
a chair is a chair
and a chair is a chair
and that’s pretty cool
your mom is a pear
your mom is a pear
and that’s pretty cool
i have been eating that wall
i’ve been eating that wall
eating that wall yeah
i just say whatever comes to mind
say it yeah
i don’t even think about it
eh, eh
that’s a pen
that i am looking at right now
now i am holding it
oh, that’s a cool beat yeah

[verse 2: b-dizzy]
okay nate
spitting bars
spitting down
spitting bars
looking at the wall
behind the monitor
looking at nate
he’s dancing around
looking like a fool
he’s looking like a clown
looking at his shoes
and they aren’t very blue
rotting down cubes ’cause he loves them too

[verse 3: schwizzle & b-dizzy]
yeah, yeah, yeah
i’ve been eating those chicken wings
chicken wings
i’ve been eating those chicken wings
he loves eating chicken wings
yeah, yeah
farting on my b-ttcrack yee yee yee yee yah
farting on my b-ttcrack, ski bee kee pah pah
farting on my b-ttcrack, da da da da da
farting on my b-ttcrack, ski bee kee pah pah
farting on my b-ttcrack
farting, yeah
is a song from tfa 2
and yo
you know
it’s pretty lit
like the average snow
that doesn’t even make any sense
i just needed to find something that rhymes
now i p-ss the mic
to the little tike
what’s up
yo i’m back
you ready for another
i just got the mic right from my brother
eh, and my mom is taking a nap
that’s my mother
i’m about to write a verse
yeah, another
this beat is so hard
i can’t even talk
wait, yes i can because that’s what i’m doing right now
can you produce some more songs for me
but they have to slap hard

[outro: schwizzle & b-dizzy]
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
tfa 3 available indianapolis 2018
2019, 2018
i love chicken