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letra de sleeves - savescheme


i could see it
i could say it
but i know that’s it’s true
i could feel it in the air
and it’s all over you
got you drinking my perfume
it spilt all in my room
i be crying out loud it’s all over you
no love when i call out
no bud in my bag it’s all out
ran out dropped dry
fall down
who the f-ck
do you think you going call now

slaughter me
baby it’s just make believe
let me creep into your dreams
truey jeans
blood streams down to your knees
it’s not as bad as it seems
strangle me
just cut into my airstreams
crawling all through me
you cut through me rip all through my sleeves
you think you’re cool
you think you’re indie sleaze
i think that you’re my enemy
end of me
i think you’ll be the end of me

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