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letra de my way to you - sara padilla


im standing here all alone in this place
thinking why aren’t you here in my arms taking the pain away
why can’t i seem to find, my way to you?
i never thought i would say i miss you
leaving my pride to the side, every thought just draws me back to you
why can’t i seem to find, my way to you?

i wont take this pain anymore
i have blamed myself all along
for the mess we’ve made trying to forget

i’ll still wait for you everyday, every night of my life
till i have you again.
dont ever go away

i’m thinking of you and me once again
wondering if i’ll be next to you in your dreams
just take my hand so we can runaway

i knew you’d pretend that it was all okay
i knew you’d pretend that everythings the same
i knew when you said dont you change i just love you

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