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letra de our baby outlaw - samuel s.c.


sail on little outlaw
i see you’ve made your bed now
is it feeling good to sleep alone again?
paving roads to just exclusion
this island is a best friend
and a rescue claims your secret hopes, i bet

words of advice they give you
taken from mouths of stone
i wouldn’t sacrifice my energies on houses built by wrecking b-lls and glass
this partnership will never last us
the vultures circle in the sky
you will see they’ll be right here when you think you’re free

and rationale means nothing when it lets our hеarts retreat
it doesn’t takе a g*nius to understand what lying means
that’s all i’ll say now
i’m said and done
any words of wisdom you’ve got to find out on your own

and you’re on your own now
our baby outlaw
see how much you’ve grown
our baby outlaw
look how much you know
my baby outlaw
how fast can you run home
how fast can you run