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letra de jim lee blues pt. 1 – samantha fish


[verse 1]
went away up the river some forty miles or more
i think i heard that big jim lee, he blowed
oh, she blow, so lonesome, like she wasn’t gonna blow no more
it blowed like my baby was gettin’ on board

[verse 2]
well, my mama — she’s dead
oh, and my father — well he could be
i ain’t got n-body to feel and care for me
and if you don’t want me, well just give me your hand
’cause you’ll get a woman quick as i, i get a man (alright)


[verse 3]
well, i laid my head in a deceitful man’s arms
and he laid, well, he laid his head back in mine
oh, it was moonshine, don’t you pay me no mind
’cause i did not let no other man have mine
well that big jim lee keep on backin’ up and down
man stand by the sh-r-, well, if you’re water bound
come on, now