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letra de what is next to prove? (intro) - saltyfika76


i would like to know, what is next to prove?
’cause unleashing the facts, would be the ultimate move
people would fight back, if they had to be in my shoes
unless if you really felt like you could be able to lose

but me i keep on managing to get the upper hand
even when he still ends up being the coward of a man
feeling like you outta change your work for someone else
yet i’m making a fire so big, the snow at granite will mеlt

i got the credit, and i decidе what to do with it
i gotta someway make this fool feel like sh-t
yet he listens to my depressing sh-t, then feels the gloom
hes so pathetic that he tumbles down while my emotions bloom

so tell me what is next to prove?
you could have b-lls, if you spend years in my shoes
getting more intense with the sh-t thats new
while your newer sh-t sounds like your aboutta spew

who knows what is next to prove
like leeching money off, while acting rude
i just feel like i’m about to lose it on this dude
but i’ll put him down after he pulls a legitimate move

i don’t even care what is next to prove
like doing your sh-t alone, then going to the saloon
other people will eventually feel the hatred soon
’cause others make more sh-t to prove

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