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letra de fortnite loser 3 - salientsongs


you t-tled your diss fire
but to me it looks like you are a pathological liar
because you think you are a better rapper
when you can’t make an ab rhyme scheme
man you are so cheese
your fortnite name is trumpsfaketan
but to me you look like another basic wanna be eminem fan
yeah you askin for a diss
wow who is this
you are so irrelevant you are beggin me to diss you
you aren’t rappin fast you are just mumbling
on your reply back dont let me catch you stumbling
all you got is fake bling
more subs than me but you ain’t on spotify so shut it, b
why is it so hard for you to see, you are not a millionare
how bout i come over there and give you a million rap lessons, eminem
now you gonna say please be kind master
because you gotta watermark on a picture of a fortnite skin
maybe i need to take a walk
because i would hate to talk about your millionare chair grabbin
drinkin crystal tea
maybe you need to take a sip before you mess with you
yeah i betchu think its funny now
i think ill call you nicky p jr
you fortnite loser