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letra de when will u love me - saigon


(feat. andreena mill)

[intro: saigon]
uh, i wonder
will they ever love me? (uh-huh)
will they ever?
will they ever care? (uh-huh)
when? when? (uh, uh)

maybe after i’m dead and gone they’ll get along
then they’ll look back and see things that i said in my song
hope i did enough right that it deaded my wrong
if i was to die tonight, i don’t know where i’m goin
heaven or h-ll, i don’t think the reverend could tell
he see i’m addicted but what started as medicine failed
and left me to deal with a chemical dependency
he act like he god with his subliminal supremacy
talkin like if i don’t get straight, then he could seal my fate
wait – you could seal a fate but you can’t rehabilitate?
so now on sundays i be right here on my perch
i sit across the street and just stare at the church and it hurt
i figure maybe they’ll love me in my afterlife
in retrospect they might recognize what i sacrificed
for now a n-gg- here with his head hangin
askin life and hip-hop the same dang question

[chorus: andreena mill]
when will you love me?
today, tomorrow, right now
when will you love me?
ohhh fall for me somehow!
when will you love me?
so pardon my curiosity
when will you love me?

when when uh, uh, uh
i know a young man who’s becomin a gun man
raised by a single mother who main concern was a suntan
and goin on vacation whenever the invitation was presented
listen, you’ll comprehend this in a minute
see as a minor he had a dream of bein athletic
she said she would sign him up for sports but she -ss-betted
so he got into books, but even that was overlooked
yet all he wanted was love from the one woman that’s s’posed to put
him above everything
she was too busy with n-gg-z had fakin with wedding ring
somethin she had never dreamed ’bout to transpire
the street took control of his soul, now her only son’s a ghetto vampire
he out late stealin and dealin front of the corner store
wasn’t long before the boys up the way had wanted a war
caught him, put the gun to his jaw
then the last thing you seen before the flash was his mom
his last thought


uhh, uh-huh, check
sometimes all it takes is love
for us to rise up above, survive just because
you’ll be surprised what you’re deprived of
when you deprive others of love, demise is a must
the heart can’t breathe, the soul can’t carry on
it’s hard to succeed, the roles keep addin on
if you love somebody you should show ’em while they still here
tomorrow they could be dead or askin you from a wheelchair


[outro: saigon]
uhh, rich kidd, thank you
the beautiful andreena mill
saigon, truest, the truest
good guy, gang
greatest, story, never, ever, told