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booker t on shrooms - sadphirelake


tell yo thot come correct before i dips-

ecw, smoking on kendos
fl!ck it out the window
what is on my kindle?
they cannot read my mind
roll up more pounds for my drive
these n-ggas ain’t on sh-t
put ’em in a wood, grinch
marksman, i can’t mess up
you should keep yo chest up
why these n-ggas fessed up?
i think i got the best of ’em
she know i got the best of him
what you need?
pump shotty a f-ck n-gga like some grease
she not so suppressive on her knees
treat her thighs like a lambchop
you broke n-ggas loitering thе chicken spot
i’m stuck in quicksand, sandlot
what the f-ck, i can’t be stuck?!
i put lifе in a pedigree, f-ck batista
that’s for f-cking up my sneakers
3some, derek jeter
i’m trynna stack some m’s on my forehead, vegeta
you hating and i don’t know your name, old geezer
you’re just getting weaker
now he looking like a leaker
d-mn, i think i went too far now
in the srt, i’m riding with my dog pound
turned my wizard treez into a lighthouse
maison mihara my feet, i can fly now
twin bunnies on me, watch me shine now
they can’t f-ck with my intellect
you cappin’ p-ssies vex
n-gga hugging on his piece cuz he won’t jump in the mix
gotta bounty on my head and that sh-t you won’t collect
tell ya thot come correct before i dipset
gotta uzi on my shoulders, watch me lean wit it
look at his lifepoints, that n-gga loosing digits
i spinnaroonie like a fidget, can you dig it?
sipping shroom tea, so if you not, i ain’t trippin’
i ain’t trippin’
if you not, i ain’t trippin’
i ain’t trippin’



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