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letra de mexico - ryan lerman


i would love to go
spend a day or two in mexico
give up the la scene
go and see about a mexican dream

you’ve got to take a stand
when you’re living like a one man band
stuck in the things you know
when you could be down in mexico

will be the greatest thing
to be easy for the whole of spring
never a role to play
never worried bout the time of day
leaving the past behind
you won’t need it at the border line
we got thе clothes we’re in
gonna makе em last the whole weekend

no more rhyming
no good timing

you know that useless pride?
it won’t be needed in the countryside
making a brand new plan
where i can sleep beneath the yucatan

ever wonder where the days have gone?
wonder why the nights seem long?
get off the losing team
go and see about a mexican dream