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letra de russ k104 freestyle #1 - russ


[verse 1]
turkish baths, italian dinners, columbiana women
french wine, saudi princes in my egyptian linen
that’s just how i’m livin’, lately it’s been fast-paced
not racist, but my rollie got the black face
yeah, i tell your wife, “take the night off”
i fly out, i turn my hoes into write-offs
one-man band, i’m seven people in the studio
i drink tanqueray (uh), not don julio
do you, don’t worry ’bout what i’m doin’
got a chick out in houston, don’t worry who i’m screwin’
movin’ (yeah), livin’ out a suitcase
the middle east loves me, i got wives out in kuwait
too many women, milan said i need a second phone
hartsfield-jackson startin’ to feel like a second home

[verse 2]
if your hands up for my money
just know i don’t play patty cake
don’t tеll me to keep my cool
i’m not the fonz, this isn’t happy days
i mean this is, but i’m smart with my dividеnds
pool full of savings that my kid’s kids swimmin’ it
synonym for self-belief is “r-u-s-s”
ten years of looking in the mirror, are you next? yes
that’s what it really took, i came a long way
i remember stackin’ shoes that are off broadway
back when i fell in love with a co-worker
but i had to leave, ’cause i’m a boss, and not a co-worker
and now, women fallin’ for me daily
but how am i suppose to save the day if any b-tch would date me?
that’s marriage talk, but i’m young and too reckless
twenty of your wifeys wouldn’t raise on my necklace
what was once expensive is fancy illusions
guess it’s all relative like family reunions
i never started, would the family be ruined?
if i haven’t stopped what would the family be doin’? (d-mn)