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letra de we need some white kids - rucka rucka ali


“we need some white kids”

my crew is hangin’ with me,
and this party’s kind of slow
we’re almost out of henny,
and the party store is closed
we already banged the same fat underage hoe
we need some way to change this,
’cause this party kind of blows

i dunno what to do
let’s go home,
it’s no use!

but then the best idea,
comes from my n-gg-, tyrone…

we need some white kids!
two f-ckin’ drinks and they’re drunk!
we need some white kids,
we can see them in the dark
we need some white kids,
’cause they won’t steal all your stuff
we need some white kids!
white kids!

it’s on dog! we’ll get us, some white kids, some wiggers,
with enough of their parent’s money to get all us c-ke!

this school is pretty sh-tty,
in this ghetto neighborhood
these kids don’t have a daddy,
and their mom’s in jail for good
the b-tches are all pregnant,
and the dudes are crips and bloods
the teachers and the princ-p-l,
sell all the kids drugs

i dunno what to do,
let’s just close down the school

but then some fat b-tch with short hair,
says here’s what we gun’ do!

we need some white b-tch!
to come and teach at this school
the things that white kids,
all learned when they were like two!
we need some white b-tch,
to teach them to play the flute
so three kids might graduate,
if none of them get’s shot!

what’s a party,
without white kids?
let’s get high,
and watch family guy,
or we could take acid and watch 3-d spy kids!
snort adderral, and watch barney! (hi, kids!)

don’t get me wrong,
we need one black guy to be like “yo dawg!”,
but otherwise, step aside kid!
everyone’s like,
“yeah n-gg-!”
there’s a black guy,
don’t p-ss him off,
he at least has a knife!

we got white hoes,
on the dance floor
two shots of rum,
and they takin’ they pants off

i’m a teacher,
in some black ghetto
it’s the weekend,
i’m suckin’ some d-ck, yo

and then when,
the police shows up,
they’re like,
“aww shucks! it’s just some white kids,
smokin’ crack! here, point a gun at that black guy!”

stop resisting!

don’t stop snitching,
always keep tellin’
the cops what they wanna know!
we need more white women,
teaching black children,
in these ghetto -ss black neighborhoods

go find us, a white girl,
to teach here
mich-lle pfeiffer?
and she could,
teach them to photocopy a highschool diploma!

we need some white kids!
and get some jews on the phone!
’cause we don’t like them,
but they got moola to blow!
we need some white b-tch,
to teach in poor neighborhoods,
full of non-white kids,
stealing your nikes!

get naked undo your pants! take of your boxers, and insert it fast!