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letra de ching chang chong - rucka rucka ali


“ching chang chong”

oh h-llo please
you can call me “dj not nice”
i run a drycleaning service in detroit
you want black-belt? ten dollar cash?
no ticket, no laundry!
here we go!

ching chang chong! (oh yeah)
ching chang chong! (i smack a b-tch if i have to tell her twice)
ching chang chong!
here we go everybody (ching chang chong!)
help me sing this song (ching chang chong!
rucka rucka ali (ching chang chong!)
number one in usa (ching chang chong!)

i talk like ching chang chong
you walk into my store
hurry up and buy
this is america!

they call me jackie chan
i come here from japan
i talk like ching chang chong
welcome (sing my song!)

i got that how u cow
i give you eggroll now
don’t care if you want steak
i give you by mistake (does middle finger)

you want some won-ton soup?
i give you eggdrop! oops!
i talk like ching chang chong
don’t f-ck with viet-kong!

with my ninja-supplies
i catch you by surprise!
i throw my ninja dagger!
hit you between the eyes!

i cook my black-eyed peas
while the black guy pees
please, wear a black tie, please
tell the black guy

i use my kung-fu grip
to slap your b-tch’s t-ts
my people come to your village
and tear your heart to bits

i teach you tai-kwan-do
you come to my condo
i cook up crack you smoke
you think i be some joke?

if you think i’m chinese
i be like “ninja please!”
my people come from china
but we not from beijing

we won olympic games
because, you whimps can’t play
my people wear diapers
no time for bathroom-breaks!
ching chong!

ninjas in the plaaaace!
do the ching chang choooong!
throoow your nunchucks in the aaaairrrr!
rucka like sidways v-g-n-..

call me dj not nice!
i eat no food but rice!
ancient korean recipe
i get from jesus christ!

have you achieved the zen?
i give you two-for-ten
we drink two heineken!
i be your chinese friend!

you b-tches grind on me
but not if you taiwanese!
i make you b-tches cry
with cream of some young guy!

i eat my ramen cup
where did my mom end up?
i left her in tokyo!
those filipino sl-ts!

i don’t like kim jung ill!
he tried to get me kill!
he fire blank missiles
all up close in my grill!

who just bombed detroit?
the city’s been destroyed!
it was the japanese
h-llo, remember me?

mother f-ckers in this biiiitch!
do the ching chang chooong!


it would be great honor
to enter every v-g-n- in this party
i have been a disgrace to my father
for every v-g-n- i have not entered
by force

open sesame… seed chicken
crowded elevator
smell different to midget…
confucius say

you ever see ninja turtle movie?
i was the third clansman