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letra de don't give up - ruben studdard


just got out of jail and you don’t know what to do.
seems like everyone has turned there back on you.
and your, girlfriends pregnant and she said she havin it,
but ain’t no money comin through, yhea.
now there’s a single mother at home tryna raise 3 kids alone.
working and going to school tryna make it on her own.
she wants to start a business but it takes some months to raise kids,
and a how will she ever find the time to provide the need.
and i’m tellin her…

don’t you give up on your dreams
you’ll find the hope that you need
things aren’t as bad as they seem
just keep fighting and you will surely succed

i see ya deep in the ghetto
and no place else to go
he wants to start a business but everyone keeps sayin no
but i have a solution that will settle this confusion
cause you can be whatever you wanna be
so i’m tellin you…

[chorus (repeat twice)]

keep your hands to the sky
keep your hands to the sky

[chorus (repeat x3)]
[in the background:] lalalalala

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