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letra de romeo - royalty (soul)


baby you can have all my love-
all the girls they love you so

romeo, romeo, my sweet romeo
hero of my dreams
you make all the young girls scream
romeo, romeo, want to dream of you tonight
so you can hold me in your arms, and make everything all right

i’ve been watching you closely ever since school began, yeah
i’ve been trying to walk to up you and tell you my name, yes
but i might as well pick a number and wait in line
’cause there’s a thousand girls in front of me, yeah
and they’re all going insane ohh!

chorus (repeat)

boy i’ve looked in your eyes and almost fainted from your charms, yeah
when i first heard you speak i felt like jumping into your arms
the kind of person you are is so wonderful you’re so sweet and kind
i never thought that such a thing could ever be coming from a guy so fine as

chorus (repeat)
ohh, you saved me from a dragon
but that was in my sleep
i tried to keep my eyes closed
so this dream i could keep
i’m gonna fake like i am dying, just to see what you would do
yes, i’ll go through all that trouble
just to be rescued by you

baby you can have all my love, yeah
all the girls go crazy and say

chorus (repeat)

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