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letra de dirty vans freestyle - roy purdy


it’s ya boy roy, it’s ya boy roy
yuh, yep, woo, huh
yea, goin’ with the flow
yep, huh, ya, couldn’t tell ya ion’ know
that’s none of my business
aye, yea, yuh, yea

[verse 1]
don’t know what’s goin on, yeah
i’m just goin with the flow
don’t ask me how i do it
couldn’t tell ya ion’ know
don’t tell me how ya feel about me
that’s none of my business, aye
i’m smokin’ gas, breakin’ down the trees like it’s christmas, aye
they wish i wouldn’t sold my soul, never could you convince me
it’s been a minute, how ya doin baby, do ya miss me? aye
it’s been a minute, but i’m back, back up in that mode
it’s been a minute, but i’m back, back up in that zone
don’t do the drama, if it’s drama, please don’t hit my phone
yea, i’m still that same kid but i just grew up, now i’m grown
always sayin’ nice things but there’s just something bout chya tone
movin like a undercover, i can’t trust ya you’s a clone
yea, i can’t trust ya, you’s a clone
my brothers got my brothers till the end and that’s a, that’s a fact
run it up like track, still drive the same whip but got my windows tinted black
rock diffrent types of fits, yea i like to mix match
i’m on some different sh-t, that’s why i just kick back and just do my own thang
i get that they don’t get that
i’ve been stayin out the way, yea i’ve been staying off the map
new city, new state, just me and my backpack
really i’m just tryna skate and make tracks, that’s that
just laugh when they hatin’, just laugh cause it’s funny
got off track, now i’m back, now i’m shinin’, now i’m sunny
they can try ta take from me, but they can’t take what’s in me
i’m ridin with the windows down, smokin like a chimney
and i play my music loud, like the 808’s to make the seats shake
i’m like wow, i feel great, you can see it in my face
yea, you can see it, you can feel it in my vibe
don’t even gotta try, i just wake up already fly
don’t even gotta try, i wake up knowin i’m that guy
you gotta always tell the truth, okay, yeah
even when you lie, you gotta tell em how it is
don’t let n0body tell you sh-t
got diamonds for my neck and i got diamonds for my wrist, but most the time i keep it simple, yea i like a simple fit
in a hoodie n’ some dirty vans but still take yo b-tch
in a hoodie n’ some dirty vans but still take yo b-tch
yeah, hoodie n’ some, yuh, yuhskrrt, skrrt
that’s what i’m saying, i got my windows tinted black
sh-t, i like that mix match

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