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letra de 0 to 100 (remix) - rowlan


[verse 1: rowlan]
f-ck being on some chill sh-t
cause me man i be on some real sh-t
some real sh-t some real f-cking sh-t
i go zero to one hundred boy real quick
real quick boy don’t get me started
every track i rip i leave the beat departed
the night is over when i walk up out the party
i’m about to blow up leave em thinking illuminati
i swear this music just my therapy
and ain’t a single out there that is scaring me
b-tch i’m the rookie of the year you should cherish me
i drop remix turn originals to parodies
huh i leave em quiet when i drop the flame
h-ll and back now i’m here and ain’t nothing changed
said i’m the reason you should quit boy here’s the memo
my new frisbee is your mothaf-ckin’ latest demo
d-mn rowlan why you get so cold
cause you rappers getting so f-ckin’ old
songs got em’ like he sold his soul
i rhyme like i’m rich but i grind like i’m poor
give it a rest bro versace can’t fix ya sk!lls
your necks freezing but my words give ya girl the chills
so hold tight to ya woman heard the head is crazy
if she get lucky i don’t pull out then she have my baby
naw i’m playing but she really want the d
i told her i ain’t around and she offered to come to me
so i said ayy b-tch you should snapchat me a fl1ck
of some sh-t that if ya man saw he would be upset and sick
she said she spit but she swallowing
said she blocked me she following
blame my c-ck for my confidence
want the top the f-ck who’s spot it is
and i’m a mothaf-ckin’ beast
gengis kahn no one stopping this
nonchalant im a marcian b-tch
park the dott start departing sh-t
you better watch who you are starting with
cause i’m a god when you add a spartan kid
i’m a lion in dirty sheep apparel
i been dying to be steral
where are all the era comparisons
i been spitting this heroine er’ since
i said i been spitting heroine er’ since
and i’m the the coldest dude breathing once you f-cking get me started
rewind this back i state the facts this beat has been departed