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letra de i can't get enough - rooney


“i can’t get enough”

i like what you wear and i like how you move
if i was staring it’s because i’m in the mood
i’m down with your love – come on, hold out your hand
i’ll take you where i’m going, you wanna see the promise land

i tell you yes, you tell me no
i ask you why, you never let me know
you close your eyes, i hold you tight
but it’s no surprise, i’ve got nowhere to go
even if i try-try, or if i lie,
you’re never gonna leave, leave me alone
i’m going home, but you call my bluff
i can’t get enough, i can’t get enough

give me a little time, take my mind anywhere
put on something special, anything, i don’t care
just don’t tell your friends, there’s nothing left to see
’cause if it gets around, it gets around, it’s the end of me


don’t blame yourself, maybe i had too much to drink
one less margarita, one more trip to the shrink
come on!