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letra de i just get lonely - ronnie dunn


“i just get lonely”

oh, it’s just the wine
i shouldn’t be drinking
things cross my mind
i don’t need to be thinking
when it comes to you
i got a weak heart
it’s hard going through
being this far apart

the blues come and go on me
baby, i just get lonely, lonely, oh

oh, i try to fight it
i try not to call
i keep coming back
to what went wrong
wish i could just let it
go on and be over
i know i’ll regret it
in the morning when i’m sober

it’s hurt talking, it’s not me, oh baby
i just get lonely, oh, i

the voice you’re hearing
at the end of the line
it’s just hurt talking
it’s not mine

this moment of weakness
these things that i feel
it’s not anything
time won’t heal

oh, baby, i just get lonely, oh i
i just get lonely, oh
i just get lonely, oh

lonely, lonely

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