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letra de tokyo rose - riot


they all called her tokyo, the boys know her as rose.
the game is not a good one, it’s the only one she knows.
jet black hair, lipstick glowin’ red.
caviar and bourbon, goin’ straight to her head.
when you lay your money down, she’ll play her games
with you.
don’t gamble with you heart, she’ll take it right from you.

she’ll take you for a ride, with some wine and romance.
gonna wind up face flat down, not a cent in your pants.
tokyo rose, tokyo rose, tokyo rose.
back street crawler, is what she’ll always be.
i can’t live without her love, it’s the cure for me.
day after day, i was warned of the danger.
a little bit of love, give it away to strangers.
tokyo rose, tokyo rose, tokyo rose.
tokyo, tokyo rose,
tokyo, i wanna know, about you, tokyo.
i wanna know, about you, tokyo.
tokyo rose, tokyo,
tokyo rose, tokyo.
mmmm, you sure are a strange one.
hey, hey tokyo.
oh, never get too close.
tokyo, hey rose.