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letra de 2020 freestyle - rio da yung og


(k’den ju)
it’s rio
boyz in this b-tch, n-gga, you know what the f-ck goin’ on
free the whole ghetto
on gang, uh

eleven thousand cash on me, feelin’ very important
dropped a freestyle playin’ around and they know every word
just chased a n-gga down garland, he jumped every curb
started shootin’ when we got, no, i ain’t gon’ say that, f-ck it
started shootin’ when we got to fifth, that b-tch crashed on third
scared to close my eyes, i might die, i drunk a lot of syrup
i’m tired of sh-ttin’ on n-ggas, i dropped a lot of t-rds
today i’m spending fifteen racks on lean ’cause that’s what i deserve
ain’t n0body give me sh-t, i got it by myself
crazy part about it, i did all this sh-t on house arrest
go shoot somebody with that gun, give that house a rest
hit him in his face with an ar, it’s comin’ out his neck
f-ck a b-tch for free, i ain’t never comin’ out a check
you think your n-gga f-ckin’ with me? smoke an ounce of meth
we the reason it’s one-fifty for an ounce of red
n-gga shot at me, and two weeks later, they pr-nounced him dead
n-gga shot at me, and two weeks later, he pr-nounced deceased
how they lookin’ for me and i’m chillin’ somewhere out to eat?
i run a stupid bag up on the south with c
the hardest sh-t i ever tried was in the house with e
one night we drunk a whole pint and smoked an ounce of weed
one day i sold a zip in rocks, i met a crowd of fiends
thirty on the glock and the ak from down the street
but i’ma drop the 31st like it’s halloween
45, thirties on 30, these are not fifteens
i don’t smoke, but i’ll do a verse for a pound of weed
scared to serve unc’, i ain’t gon’ lie, he look like harlem green
dropped an ounce of cook’, some straight drop that look like garlic cheese
i bought some dog and left it raw, it look like concrete mix
popped a lil’ n-gga, he died young, he look like roddy ricch
if brody pop out with the 23, i guess i’m scottie pippen
i bought a gun straight out the store and caught a body with it
i poured a muddy ass cup, put an oxy’ in it
knock a n-gga head off his body and play hockey with it
the last time i had a dream, i seen kwanny in it
was finna shoot this n-gga car up, but i seen charlie in it