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letra de sos - revilatiun


put the strokes in she whispering, go faster
shy freak 101
i make you, you comfortable feel like a queen (queen)
but really you nasty get in it
turn up the music, make you stand still like lion roars
its doing good but who your copyright owner one
two go get your pro
monumental offers coming blinders on, upper level
my the fragrance nine pm don’t watch the time
she lying telling me forget your thinking
cate dunlap or miss martian
if you’re not the either/or you outta luck
i’m bound to know
like bruce willis in the last boy scout
cause csupo knows and i be asking
the webster bag been upping up
in and out like meat sauce or when crushing on the kitty
weaken me with you benevolents lil more
crooked fallacies
we not broke
don’t forget to get your masters
high-key 1099 is in but which letter
five deep with byrna’s if a gigga test
no fee, charge i did the math
lela said i’m tired a asking for you
instead of making touch let’s make it personal
what you mean by that
any further words a tie my
i’m in right or wrong for telling witnesses to keep calm
and fake a line to law-enforcers
they can leach off can’t deny my high and sorceries lil bit

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