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letra de daymare - retro the emperor


[verse 1]
let me get this thing straight all the fake friends will regret the hate and the pain they caused me they think they funny, bully me more send to in the core of h-ll my spirit won’t file a police case you won’t go to jail i don’t want to live in this world i admit i’m a alone

i’m providing hydrogen to the hottest planet of universe i’m a flamethrower by the anger it’s true you choose me first you ware thinking i was one of thеm rich rappers but count me in as the onе with sk!lls only few can relate but i’m never quitting i ain’t drowning i’m always swimming i ain’t crying and complaining tears ain’t drippin they are raining i ain’t sh-tting this thing is helping me face my fears i don’t believe in them but i think gods blessing me not with fame with gain and the strings of my own fate with few percentage of less strain in my mind that thing can think of a clever rhyme used to be a gamer who was stuck in a container no one gave a f-ck about his pain went up to take on challenges

this is the time my life will crumble in my eyes getting fake friends every day i’m lacking emotions i don’t feel no pain i don’t get hurt i haven’t gotten a proper hug i’m not only outta the family i’m outta the world

[verse 2]
bought a decent mic to rap for hours day and night not minutes just to prove he’s not a disgrace just to remove all the pain from his brain but things stayed the same and that kid is me i don’t need a second to breathe push my limits outta it’s reach just to obtain the sk!lls he never thot he could achieve now he’s a emperor not a kingnow people think he’s one of the best of all i’m not weak i always had worth i never will be hurt by your word they are just a vibration of the wind i reached a hight of the pattern of my rhyme which can’t be mastered overnight got bullied i’m the street snapped thro suicide rope to get here i never was need a friend i straight up told them i have not faith the support i’ve been giving is a favor all the redords of rapping i’ve been doing is for passion not for fame not to win any game it’s also for therapy to get rid of many strain in my brain
this is the time my life is gonna end and i’m gonna descend to h-ll don’t get in my way i send time imagining my grave sadness is not just a faze it’s a life and the time i have lest is close to none i’ll better myself in limited amount of time i have in this world