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letra de storm chaser - rehab


“storm chaser”

and breathin’s overrated
stormchasin’ and its gettin’ later
i used to love her, now i hate her
shes a brain-raider, fallin’ in a crater of lost memories
i’m so out of hand that i don’t even f-ck with me

i’m goin’ trippin’ drunk and slippin’
sleepin’ in ditches, switchin’ prescriptions
bangin’ a random wh-r- and itchin’
i don’t give a flyin’ feces
i ain’t one with the human species
slappin’ the nurse, tryin’ to up my cc’s

i fall apart, take all my pain, turn it to art
blowin’ up a k-mart and blame it all on mozart
f-ck, i’m surprised i got a deal
every two hours i take a pill
that’s where i’m at, it’s all surreal

i got imaginary friends, an imaginary life
an imaginary wife and a real knife
outta here by next weekend
hung over on a dresser with my brain leakin’

and i run away from the light of day
i am not okay, my soul’s a misery

i think i’m losin’ my mind
i’m whacked out on jack and blacked out
trapped in a crack house full of d-d-doubt
i got guilt to the hilt, i fight tears and fears, been out for ten years
hit a big b-mp up off the mirror

find me at www dot, i came to trouble you dot
come here mothaf-cka, take your best shot
suicidal, got a lot of demons to fight
i’ll probably sit in a chair and put my mouth around a rifle

i feel abused to lose the blues, i’ll bring my booze
i’m in the who’s who’s and dope fees
and floozies in the land and preparin’ for news
these n-gg-s are never choosy
the morning sun is like a sledgehammer to the forehead

and i’m barely here, look in the mirror every day
and slowly disappear, been through a million
and 67 emotions in my short career
riddles i fear, staggered out in the street
and fall off a pier, aww f-ck it

and i run away from the light of day
i am not okay, my soul’s a misery

my heartbeat is racin’, even though i’m standin’
still i can’t stop stormchasin’
i stole a sh-ll casing, so close to overdose
the light of day hurts my eyes
wishing my death to be a surprise

my life should be more than four walls and a floor
but thats all that is mine, god give me a sign
’cause i’m tryin’ and dyin’ at the same time
i’m not hesitatin’, just waitin’

heck yeah, comin’ with a flurry
and like the spice up in you throat
i get you chokin’ like that curry
somethin’ ’bout the police and them lights
that get me worried, made a lap up on that b-st-rd in a hurry

flyin’ from the spirits, so i got a story
the dude that taught me how to rap was ray murray
it’s all a can, still its filled with no glory
top the killer red out at 2:30

and i run away from the light of day
i am not okay, my soul’s a misery