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letra de 06. tears - reezus a.k.a reezy


(intro : jeremy)
i’ve been sipping every single day
trying to numb the pain
but love seems the way

(verse 1: reezy)
i ain’t gon shed no tears for you
i ve been drinking
i been sipping
straight from the cup
straight from the bottle
you’ve been seeing me dealing with
my demons in a bottle
thats a battle i gotta fight everytime you leave
you can walk, you can go
you can take, you can stay
you can take what you need
imma be here, just me and my weed
me and the music
you can go to another place
visualise the stars
you’ve been gone
thats my visions
i’ve been thinking of you
on some other nights
on some other times
i’ve been getting late night texts
from my ex trynna s-x
but i been trying to vex
just, straight up am chilled
straight up,i’m thinking
straight up, imma do it for the thrill
see you how you gon go, we the team
we the dream team
themedays, no tears for the hoes that leave

(hook: jeremy)
i dont want to crash and burn
i dont wanna crash baby
tears in my girl
dont hold me back

(tears in my eyes
dont hold me back)

(verse 2: reezy)
she said “sean all this sh-t you putting in my eyes
look at the tears in my eyes
always all about your lies
why you gotta lie
you were with that chick from the other side
say you been with me but you got your weed
always getting high
what you think of me?
the things that you do
all these things you talk about
you say you themedays, thats you
thats you and your boys
why you trynna take away my joy
look, if you can’t get this money for me
i’m gon find me another cat that can
he gon pay me, he gon do my thang
he gon be the man
you ain’t no man
you just walk up in here with your pockets empty
you ain’t got change
talmbout how you gon change
you can leave n-gga
you wanna slap me
oh sh-t, thats how you feel?
you wanna beat me now?
okay, n-gga you could do that”

(verse 3: reezy)
in the backseat, i just looked at her
bout some other sh-t
i’m on some other sh-t
these are the days that i told you
where the freedom at
we paid for this
we took these days away
the further we went
the rhymes that we took back
i looked at her
i thought she was on some other sh-t
me, i’ve alaways been on my hits
imma need my weed
imma take another hit
in the booth, imma make another hit

(bridge: chris cole)
gimme a reason (nah)
gimme a reason (nah)
so lemme be di fada
lemme be the the father
lemme talk my plans
lemme be a little harder
now why are you playing on my fears
and you tripping on me
why you letting all these b-tches go ahead of you
theres a whole things i’m trynna plan
theres a whole lot of things i’m trynna say
just gimme love and loyalty
imma pay you back and everybody know the way to pay
you then ain’t got to worry bout n0body
thats going overdue
worry bout n0body thats going to overdo
im your male, yeah we just overdo it

(bridge cont/d : dey creed)
you always trip on me
you dont wanna hold my hand
always on your story
you dont wanna lemme p-ss
so baby dont trip
you know we can get it out
make it everlast
you know, always got a plan

outro : dey creed
you know i’m the man yeah x2
i can get you out, baby i’m the man yeah
dont trip baby, you know i’m the man yeah x 2