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letra de life and death - redemption draweth nigh


[verse 1]
the hatter at the head of the banquet that is spread
“i have all you need, come and eat,” he says
cold pleasure as he grins to offer you a seat
at the table of death, to partake of the feast

the wicked walk a wicked road
one foot in the grave
cowards miss their mark
life is only for the brave

[verse 2]
round and round it spins
the masquerade never ends
the vampires of fame live thеir lives on the screen
to project an idеa: an image to be seen

life and death
the fruit of the tree
choices to be made
be bound or be free

the bridges are burned
power to the low
the city is falling down
ashes will burn
no one knows what time it is
but the bells are tolling for us

[verse 3]
as the bells toll, the chosen know
where this long road goes
we know the choices we make
and we know which paths to take
we know our blood will stain the streets
so it must be, so it must be
i’m not afraid and i’m not ashamed
for i am free

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