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letra de shawtie - ​redboy


(fony wallace, b-tch)
let me holler at you, bae
let me holler at you, uh
let me holler at you, bae
ayy, ayy, ayy

ayy, i’m chill, honey
goons behind me, they gon’ stop and pick up all the bills for me
if you got a leather couch, i’ma peel on it
and i don’t listen to them trends, let me show you some
nah, boy, you better let me get the bluetooth
i know you flirting like you ain’t got a boo thang
but you kinda cute with your jewelry
you a fool, but go and tell me what you into
i don’t tune in, i’m a fly guy
yeah i’m hot, but i’m cool when i’m outside
numbеr (n)ine jeans, pelican fly
don’t likе a rude b-tch, take that outside (what? sweet)
i’m gon’ be honest with you, shawty, yeah
i like the things that you got, shawty
you the type that i won’t lie to, shawty
i think i like you on my brain, s-shawty
boy, you talkin’ all that
it’s gon’ take a little bit more, i ain’t just fallin’ for that
’cause i’m cool where i’m at, i got a pool in my flat
bad as f-ck, i might just go and hit yo’ ball with a bat
chill, i ain’t no creep, baby (who you callin’ baby?)
alright, chill lady, i’m just tryna say somethin’ intelligent
it’s quarter-past-nine and i’m tryna get lit, ya dig? huh
and i mean what i say, i ain’t cheap, i ain’t fake
b-tch, i sleep on my dollars, i got cream, i got icing
and i can see you lookin’ good with yo’ cake
i mean it’s cool what you say, huh
[?], i can’t be yo’ type
you come out rappin’ to me, aight, let’s wrap it up
i’m gon’ put yo’ name on google, we gon’ see right here
’cause you been lookin’ at me with them googly eyes all night
oh, it says— mhm, yeah
wait, that’s you?
oh my god, i love your music so much, like look at my spotify right now
oh, now you’re switching up?
no, it’s just—
nah, nah, whatever

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