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letra de diddy bop (remix) - red cafe


(feat. fabolous, cocoa chanelle, currency & kardinal offishall)

yeah i’m back diddy boppin’ so when they see a pimp
they ask “how the leg”? i tell’em you see a limp?
n-gg- hit below me that’s why they hit me low
if i did it by the book they would get me though
a fat boy will get you quicker than britney dough
i’m oj, cause the glove don’t fit me so
i’m in a different world girls like whitney yo
few jelisa’s couple denises
few patron’s couple of geeses
dwayne wayne it, we flip gl-sses up
watching them close, keep the eyelashes up
cause they say the snake slip, but when the gr-ss is up
i don’t dance, but my wrist down sometime
rocks are like ciara and chris brown combined
ashton kuska, p-ss for usher
omarion finger, r&b blinger

[red cafe:]
yeah i’m back from the west, what else? i’m coming home
with nothing but b’s around me like a honey comb
nothing but, g’s young boy, money grown
quarter mill cash, shorty you need a loan?
what else? a murder, murder, murder, murder, murder murder
any fool toy with the arm and hammer twirler
i don’t know how to dance i’m a smith serma
i just float across the screen like i’m a cursor
before the freeze man, i was the weed man
had the chocolate and the browns like i’m from cleveland
s d on my neck, 41 deep
with 2 clips, arm and hammer got it for cheap
sweep through in the charger looking like ladainian
tomilson, wrist wear color t-tanium
hamilton? we don’t do that, we do franklin’s
fulton, flat bush, brooklyn anthem!

[kardinal offishall:]
kardinal! i don’t know how to dance
but i’m killing that wop while i’m saggin’ my pants
you can’t tell i’m a foreigner from just one glance
cool yourself, and i don’t take that chance
from the 718 to the 416
off of sh-lls like an ak up in the mix
stunt right through the back and we don’t play with kids
you know seven, let me show you what hip-hop is
it’s a whole lot of novel with a little bit of skill
like a video chick with a little e-grill
i’m a big refill rap needed a re-up
i’m here so celebrate, i’ll twist your weed up
this what happens when t.dot in brooklyn meet —up
and the rude boys think i’m from shotta freed up
hip-hops dead but the money’s still real
count all us back, t now how ya feel

[curren$y da hot spitta:]
sports coupe, z on lights
sprain my finger, not a pinky on ice
neck full of swingers i done bought the same piece twice
difference city, difference club every single night
trick what? lace who?
that’s ain’t what spitta do
got a lotta gals cause the dimples in my face cute
(haha) i got a head full of waves too
currents is so hot it’s amazing that i stay cool

[coco chanelle]

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